Runway Makeup: Theyskens' Theory Fall 2012


The Inspiration: "We're doing a T.T. girl, which stands for Theysken's Theory, of course, but is also a French term for a very Parisienne girl. She's gone to visit her grandmother for the weekend to take care of her, and she ends up taking some styling tips from her as well," explained MAC artist James Kaliardos. "It's a throwback look, like something her grandma would have done."

Makeup: The look was light on color, with a powdered face and lots of neutral tones. MAC's lipstick in Classic Nude was used on the cheeks, and Hazy Lilac for the lips. For the eyes, Kaliardos used a beige shadow mixed with some flesh-toned blush and finished with Haute and Naughty mascara.

Hair: Kérastase's Odile Gilbert was tasked with creating straight hair with a dryer, not a flat iron, in order to keep the look more real. "We did a light wave for his show last spring, and we wanted the same spirit, but in winter, you want you hair straight rather than curvy," said Gilbert, who did an imperfect middle-part to show off that real girl look. "You have your coat and your jacket, so if you have all that volume plus volume in your hair..." No good! And if you're a thick-haired girl with hair to spare? Gilbert and team took care of extra oomph by braiding the underlayer of hair, hidden from the eye but perfect for making hair look thinner.

Nails: All models got a mani with CND's neutral, light pink shade, Marshmallow Rose. Makeup pro Jin Soon explained the color choice: "There's a lot of color in his clothing, so we decided to use a very clean, soft pink that goes with everything."



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