Runway Makeup: Rebecca Taylor Spring 2013


Pack your bags, because Rebecca Taylor is taking you on a beach road trip. Inspired by a girl just stepping off a deserted beach, the look had us longing for a Summer that isn’t even quite over yet.

The look: Windswept hair, metallic nails, and bronzed cheeks
The inspiration: A long road-trip vacation
Who would wear it: A surfer babe headed to her next beach

Sil Bruinsma, key makeup artist for MAC, wanted the focus to be on the eyes. "It's a sultry look but not too made up," he said. To achieve the look, he kept the face colors matte but warm and used just a swipe of lip balm on the lips.
Bruinsma kept the brows natural and the eye colors monochromatic. He smudged MAC's Twink eye shadow ($18) on the entire top of the lash and along the outer lower lash line. He then used MAC's Teddy Kohl Eyeliner ($15) to line the eyes. "It's all a little smudged and not too perfect," he explained.

MAC tapped Marian Newman, a London-based nail artist, to do the nail design for the show. She used a metallic silver color for the nails. Just one coat of MAC Screaming Bright ($16) did the trick — not even a top coat was used. "One coat covers everything," she said.

The hair is where things got crazy. Aveda stylists Kevin Ryan and Frank Rizzieri were calling the look "Road Trip" backstage. They started by blow-drying the hair for lots of volume.
Once the hair was big, Ryan and RIzzieri used a flat iron to add some bend. "It's like rolling the dice when you do this," Ryan said. "Each girl's hair is going to look a little different. It's a celebration of the individual."
To finish, Ryan used a technique that he called his "'80s move": he blow-dried hair spray into the hair to add extra volume, extra hold, and "a lot of wind," as he said. "It's like you've got the roof off the car in the Summer," he said. "Like you're on vacation!"



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