Runway Makeup: Nanette Lepore Spring 2013


Even though they left the beauty in the hands of professionals at Nanette Lepore, the hair and makeup were meant to look like the models were preening themselves. And this time, the techniques were so easy to do, they probably could have.

The look: Bold pastel eyes, a textured ponytail, and flesh-toned polish.
The inspiration: A postmodern picnic.
Who would wear it: The ponytail fanatic looking for a funky take on the undo.

Nails were kept flesh-colored and painted in MAC's Coffee Break or Skin ($16 each), depending on the models' skin tone.

Key makeup artist Max Delorme, working with MAC, set out to create a makeup look representative of a fun girl, but one with a bit more of an edge. Models wore a high-contrast eye that was the focal point of the entire makeup palette. He dubbed it "punky sexy."

Delorme paired a creamy black eyeliner with a bright pastel — either salmon, lavender, or green. "It looks like the girl knows nothing about makeup," Delorme said. "She puts a black line from corner to corner, blends it with Q-tips, and then draws the pastels on top."

The final result was an interesting blend of bad girl and sweetie pie, with the heavily textured hair playing nicely with the pastel and black eyes. "It's supposed to be a power girl, not a cute girl," Delorme explained.



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