Runway Makeup: Marios Schwab Spring 2013


With MAC Cosmetics painting faces and lead make-up artist Val Garland at the helm, the chosen look was both striking and strong.

Creating stunning gowns for “young cosmopolitan women who are open-minded, enigmatic and adventurous” the make-up look for the Marios Schwab lady took on a Native-American theme, as thick, dark slashes underlined eyes.

We caught up with Val to get the backstage beauty secrets…
“The look is ‘think – share’ mixed with an American-Indian vibe, so it’s all about this strong, velvety slash under the eye, and then a little half-moon socket on the top lid.”

Skin was highlighted and contoured by using MAC Mineralized, brows were brushed up and even more shine was to be added to the corner of each model’s eye right before taking to the runway.

But the real focus was the harsh under-eye slashes, which were to appear “fierce and tribal”.

Three products were used to create the lines – black eyeliner and black black pencil, followed with carbon to create a thoroughly velvety finish.



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