Runway Makeup: 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013


Backstage at 3.1 Phillip Lim, the models all looked like “one big girl band.” The look was rock and roll, yet sophisticated. Francelle for NARS Cosmetics created a cool, modern take on grungy makeup complete with ten to 12 coats of mascara.

The collection was filled with embellishments, plaid, floral, and even ‘I Love NY’ T-shirts. Francelle was inspired by all these factors. “All of a sudden, I went towards my high school days as me being a grunge girl with my flannel T-shirt and black eye liner and mascara. But I wanted to do a very modern take on that,” said Francelle. “I wanted to duplicate a look as if these girls are playing at Coachella. They are kind of sun-kissed, but have an edgy, bold black mascara eye.”

To get the chunky mascara look, Francelle began by applying two coats of Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara and then curling the lashes. Once that dried, she went back and started clumping the lashes together and caking on mascara. She added a tiny bit of pink eyeshadow from the Bouthan Duo Eyeshadow (new for spring 2013) just for depth. For the face, she applied Casino Bronzing Powder on the apples of the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. “I left the forehead and chin bare because I didn’t want too much of a finished look,” said Francelle. She finished off the look with Biscayne Park Satin Lip Pencil (a cross between a lipstick and a lipgloss – new for spring 2013). The lip color was too shiny for her liking, so she matted it out with pressed powder.

If you want to recreate the look at home, Francelle recommends dialing down the amount of mascara and concentrating on clumping the lashes together with only a few coats. If you don’t like black, try a colored mascara. “What’s so great about Fashion Week is that people can gather their own inspiration and have their own take on that – that’s always inspiring to me,” she added.

The modern grunge makeup looked extra cool with big, teased hair created by Paul Hanlon for Fekkai and nails by Michelle Saunders for Essie who painted half of each nail with Essie Chinchilly and the other half with Brooch the Subject.



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