Skin Care Regimen: Joanna Krupa


What is your daily beauty regimen?

Joanna: I have been pretty lucky with my skin so it’s not too demanding to take care off. I cleanse morning and night with Cetaphil. Since I have dry skin, I put on tons of moisturizer. The one I found years ago that I love is Kiehls pathenol protein moisturizing face cream. I never tan my face so my fiancé calls me Casper since I am really white, but I’d rather be white than have wrinkles. I also put vaseline under my eyes over the moisturizer to protect from creasing and getting wrinkles while I sleep. I sometimes use a self-tanner for my face to help me look a little less like Casper the ghost. I wasn’t born with great eyelashes so I use Latisse every evening and my lashes have never looked better and longer! I also love Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion for the body.

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